Brain Nutrition At Its Best

By giving your brain and neurons the very foods they need to thrive, you quickly rise your brain power, mood and IQ.

The Neuroforce Nutrition Formula at a glance

This pdf describes the 28 topics covered in the Neuroforce Nutrition Formula: 

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Top foods that increase mental energy, focus and memory

    What to eat for ADHD

    If you're looking to build a better you, nutrition is the place to start. When you eat right, you feel good, you have more energy and life becomes so much easier. 

    3 foods to eat to power your brain are protein, fats and carbohydrates for its regular functioning. But beware: these come in many flavors.

    Your brain has special needs and what you're eating probably isn't quite right. No wonder you're not at your best. So read on and if you really want to get serious about Brain Performance, join our online masterclass Brain Nutrition Formula worth 4 CEC credits of continuing education.

    How important is nutrition for the brain?

    Your tiny brain consumes the fifth of all the calories you burn in a day. But your brain engine power can come and go. If you don't eat enough protein or specific vitamins and minerals, your brain must shut down some of its mental power and wait for your next brain food meal.

    Tiny improvements in your eating habits can dramatically increase your mental performance and wellbeing. These include eating enough macronutrients and in the right quantities.

    When is the last time you calculated your protein to carb ratio? Applying brain food principles can make you smarter and increase your IQ. So what are you waiting for?!

    Nutrition for brain health and cognitive performance

    Are you looking for a brain boosting diet? Start with the best foods for your brain. Top brain foods should sound to you as "food good for brain nerves.''

    Amen Diet Genius foods list Now brain elevate

    Brainfoods to eat include lean protein, good brain fats and the perfect amount of carbohydrates. A brain healthy diet closely resembles the hunter gatherer diet with its vegetables, fish and lean meats. This is natural brain food our brain evolved to eat and crave.

    Eating for brain health at its core is to fill your plate with colorful vegetables and lean meat protein, topped with good fats. This will ensure that you cover most basic nutrients for brain health.

    Brain nutrients include the 3 macronutrients that are protein, fats and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. The brain and body also produce many brain substances like hormones and neurotransmitters. Good brain nutrition and brain health enabling foods will increase their production.  

    A brain diet or mind diet will provide healthy food for a healthy mind. It also contains brain superfoods that are dense in antioxydants and other brain fuel ingredients.  Below we will find top brain foods and brain nutrients that will lift your mood and energy.

    Can beer, wine and video games damage the brain?

    what videogames beer wine do to the brain

    Alcohol and overexcitement damage the brain in 2 ways: they kill neurons and cause addictions. It's a vicious cycle hard to get out of. But eating a healthy brain diet and meditating on who you want to be are some of the most efficacious ways to free yourself into a better you.

    What neuroscience says about a healthy diet for the brain

    Ever asked yourself if the standard American diet good for the brain? It's a SAD diet says today's neuroscience.

    Most people don't realize that what is considered to be a balanced diet contains some 71% of calories that diminish brain efficiency. That leaves a lot of room for nutrition improvements!

    Greater brain efficiency means that we can do more with less effort. After 21 years in brain performance expertise, we highly recommend that students, workers and all other human wanting to live his best life goes through our  Brain Nutrition Formula online course worth 4 CEC credits of continuing education. It just makes life and success so much easier!

    So chances are your nutrition is at cause if you suffer from lack of energy, brain fog, worries or memory problems. Our Brain Nutrition Formula is here to help! 

    What foods give brain fog?

    Foods that cause memory loss Foods that cause Alzheimer
    When looking for foods that cause brain fog, the first question to ask is ''what foods cause inflammation?". Inflammation is a way for the brain to protect itself against toxins or other elements that can do it harm.

    But with inflammation comes brain damage, stress and brain fog. Inflammation inside the brain is now considered to be one of the main drivers for brain aging. At any age, it can slow down your brain and affect your ability to focus, learn and remember.

    Here's a list of some popular foods that can cause brain inflammation. For a more in depth view, see our Brain Nutrition Formula online class worth 4 CEC credits of continuing education.

    • Sugar and high sugar foods 
    • Most vegetable oils and soy
    • Bread, cereal, pasta, pastries and most foods made from flour
    • Milk, yogurt and dairy foods
    • Peanuts
    • Tofu, chickpeas and hummus
    • Beer, wine and other alcohols
    • Diet drinks and artificial sweeteners 

    Best foods for brain function

    Brain healthy foods are foods that improve brain function, cognition and emotional control also called emotional intelligence EQ.

    The best diet for brain health include foods that increase blood flow to the brain, foods that increase oxygen to the brain, food that provide energy to the brain and foods for brain nerves that enhance their membranes and stocks of neurotransmitters.

    When choosing foods that are good for your brain, you must think in terms of foods that increase brain function. These are foods that help the brain better do what it needs to do. 

    Foods that help brain function come in delicious ways. The best foods for brain health are :

    7 top foods that increase brain power

    what foods make you smarter foods that increase IQ

    Let's say you're going on a brain retreat and can only bring with you the 7 top  brain healthy foods. These are the ones our brain performance experts recommend:

    1. Greens 
    2. Lean animal protein 
    3. Brain savvy fats of the right kind and in a perfect ratio
    4. Brain superfoods
    5. Brain supplements
    6. Water
    7. Coffee

    Thus depending on your list of favorite brain foods, we would propose the perfect quantities from some of these foods: 

    • Spirulina, spinach, kale, broccoli
    • Chicken breasts, turkey, fish, shrimp, lean pork, extra lean beef, eggs, whey protein, salmon
    • Flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, nuts, butter, coconut oil, lecithin, olive oil, omega 3 fish oil capsules
    • Blueberries, dark chocolate, turmeric
    • Vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium, multivitamin, l-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, CoEnzyme Q10
    • Fresh grinded coffee and water 
    • Along with some other brain foods and brain nutrients

    Grow your intelligence with nootropic foods

     foods that slow down aging brain aging

    It is now a proven fact that your brain can regenerate and literally grow younger at any age.

    Neurogenesis is made possible through stem cells turning into new brain cells.

    Neuroplasticity occurs when neurons strengthen their communication by  building new connections.

    These phenomena can only occur under ideal brain conditions that include excellent nutrition and precise brain supplements.

    We must always keep in mind that giving the brain the superfoods it needs is not enough. Some factors can stop neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. These include too much stress, alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, sleep loss, negative emotions, high blood sugar, inflammation, beta amyloid plaques and so on.

    Brain food for studying

    What are the best brain food for students? These include mind sharp foods, foods that help focus, best brain food for studying and of course, food to eat during exams.

    Best foods for focus Best foods for ADHD

    Foods that help you focus

    For you to concentrate, many brain parts need to function well. This means that they must be able to send and receive a good electrical signal that is strong and clear.

    Foods that increase mental energy are key. Some act by increasing blood flow to the brain. Oxygen increase in the brain help neurons produce up to 32 times more energy.

    Foods that help you concentrate often increase mental energy by causing stable blood sugar concentration. Today, most foods cause sugar highs and lows. This causes sensations hunger, overwhelm, energy crash and nervousness. So keeping brain healthy foods can definitely rime with a happier you!

    Some brain energy foods include blueberries, berries, dark chocolate and brain smoothies with whey protein. 

    Another way to increase the brain's energy is to go without carbs. This pushes the brain to use stored fats for energy. This ketogenic diet can backfire if you're not really knowledgeable and know what you're doing. If you need some help, come to one of our Brain Nutrition Formula online class worth 4 CEC credits of continuing education. We also cover this topic during our brain and meditation retreats worth 10 CEC credits of continuing education

    Brain food for studying exams

    Are you looking for foods that increase intelligence? Neuroscience shows that when we stimulate the brain, we can score higher on an IQ test.

    Our brain performance experts recommend to start with a meal or snack that will power your brain. 

    Foods that increase memory and intelligence

    In this section, our brain experts share their favorite mind booster food, brain food snacks, our best juice for brain memory and favorite drinks for brain power.

    Food to improve memory for exams 

    Best brain food for academic success needs to include those that help with learning and memory. 

    Neuroscience shows that fish oil and turmeric are some of the best ways to boost memory for exams.

    But there's much more. 

    Brain food snacks for studying

    These the foods you must avoid because they stop you from learning as they destroy the learning process deep inside your brain:

    • Any kind of alcohol
    • Fast foods such as hamburgers, pizza, fries, soft drinks, donuts, pastries, candy
    • Drinks high in caffeine taken less than 7 hours before sleep

    Instead, have at least 10-15 grams of a lean animal protein every 2 hours, alongside dark vegetables and fruits. Mix in some walnuts or an avocado and voilà! 

    If you want a detailed view on exactly what to eat to perform in your exams, we've prepared hands on information. It's all part of our Brain Nutrition Formula online course worth 4 CEC credits of continuing education.

    Brain food smoothie

    This brain smoothie is the best drink for focus and concentration:

    In a mixer, put half a cup of frozen blueberries, a half cup of frozen spinach or one full tablespoon of dried spirulina, 1 tablespoon of lecithin, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, one teaspoon of butter, a quarter cup of whey protein and one cup of unsweetened almond milk.

    You can increase your brain power even more with a couple of supplements you'll find on our Brain Nutrition Formula online course worth 4 CEC credits of continuing education.

    Foods that improve memory and concentration

    Memory sharp foods brain nutrition at work

    Memory boosting foods help your brain with brain energy, neuroplasticity, attention, short term memory as well as long term memory.

    Food for memory power needs to incorporate a nutrition plan that covers many brain needs such as the one you'll get in our Brain Nutrition Online Course worth 4 CEC credits of continuing education.

    The first thing to consider is brain reserve. The denser your brain circuits, the easier it is for electricity to flow. Hence it's easier to think, learn and memorize.

    To build your brain reserve, you must use your mind to think the thoughts that will become built in your brain circuits. Repeating the same thoughts and actions are key. And while doing so, nutrition can help build new memories with less effort.

    Memory enhancing foods act by different mechanisms. The first one is by enhancing attention and concentration, the first step in memory and learning.

    Foods that help with concentration do so primarily by enhancing dopamine, amounts of sugar or ketones in the brain.

    Food for concentration can come from a mix of lean protein, dark fruits and vegetables and good fats.

    Even fasting can be good if done properly. But we would not recommend this last one for important moments such as cramming for exams.

    If you pay attention well, then you can memorize it. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter directly involved in memory formation. Foods that help your memory contain nutrients that help your neurons make acetylcholine.

    Best foods for memory are egg yolk, lecithin and butter. But you don't have to go overboard. One to 2 servings per day is enough.

    So, is butter good for memory? The answer is YES! Have a tablespoon each day and research shows it will enhance memory in mental performance.

    Healthy ways to get dopamine

    Dopamine is the neurotransmitter used by your brain when you need to focus and concentrate. Choice of foods to increase dopamine are turkey, chicken breasts and lean beef.

    The food supplement l-tyrosine is used by the brain to make its own dopamine. But make sure you have the right brain type that can tolerate this supplements. If you're not sure, watch our online detailed program.

    Dopamine brain food Foods for dopamine

      Serotonin brain food

      Serotonin is referred to as the feel good neurotransmitter. It helps to release stress, improve mood and sleep and regulate appetite. If you want to release stress and lose weight, the right amount of serotonin is key.

      Antidepressants or antidepressant drugs include Prozac, Celexa, Lexapro, Paxil. Zoloft, Luvox and others. They act by increasing the amount of serotonin kept in between neurons. But this non natural way to increase serotonin has some side effects.

      Serotonin brain production is natural. Some forms of exercise and natural sunlight increase serotonin, as well as foods containing the amino acid tryptophan.

      If you eat enough lean animal protein every day, your brain has all the tryptophan it needs. Just make sure you provide your brain with all the brain nutrients it needs to convert tryptophan into serotonin.

      Not sure what to eat, how much, at what times or with which supplements? We cover all this and more in our masterclass brain nutrition online course worth 4 CEC credits of continuing education.

      Foods that increase dopamine and serotonin

      Dopamine brain food

      If you're looking for the right foods that help focus, you must think of the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenalin. They are needed for you to feel motivated, on task, and attentive. 

      Medication that increases dopamine is usually referred to as psychostimulant drugs. They are used to treat attention and hyperactivity disorder ADHD and include Concerta, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Adderall and a few others.

      But did you know that the brain can make its own from protein and nutrients? This is one reason why eating the right kind of protein and in the ideal quantity is key for mental and academic performance.

        Foods that are good for your brain and memory

        Brain food for memory

        Foods that improve memory can do so by increasing attention, short term memory or long term memory.

        Foods good for memory include lean meats, fish and whey protein, egg yolks and lecithin, as well as foods that help with sleep. Because at the end, it's while you sleep that your brain works to keep good information in for the long term.

        Foods that help with memory also work by protecting your brain from inflammation. These foods are rich in antioxidants abundant in spices, turmeric, dark vegetables and berries.

        Many of these foods that prevent memory loss in seniors also play a role in memory and brain enhancement used by younger crowds.

        Food for memory thus includes many items we recommend in our Neuroforce Brain Nutrition Formula.

        3 foods that fight memory loss

        Foods for memory loss you should eat every day:

        1. Turmeric also called curcuma with a dash of pepper
        2. Omega 3 fish oil with its EPA and DHA
        3. Coconut oil

        These three foods that fight memory loss owe most of their positive effect by stimulating nerve regrowth.

        Other foods that fight memory loss

        Brain food for adults

        Foods for memory loss have been identified in published studies for more than 15 years. Choosing the right foods can give a 20 year delay in memory problems and dementia as seen in research on identical twins.

        Can food cause dementia?

        Foods that cause dementia could be doing their harm by triggering brain inflammation, by causing brain nerve damage or by reducing brain blood flow.

        What are foods that cause memory loss?

        Some of these foods include fast foods, especially fried foods because they are a high source of a type of fat that causes brain inflammation.

        High sugar foods is another way to cause brain inflammation.

        Toxic substances, alcohol being on top of the list, trigger brain inflammation. This damages the brain and leads to losses in short and long term memory.

        Are foods a cause of Alzheimer?

        food for alzheimer prevention dementia prevention treat dementia

        Very recent research is starting to show that one can reverse signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's using nutrition and other lifestyle changes.

        So even if it's hard to establish direct links between specific foods and the onset of Alzheimer's, it is becoming increasingly clear that eating the right foods can not only stop the progression of Alzheimer, but even reverse it when it's done in the earlier stages of the disease.  

        It's not clear yet is there are specific foods that remove plaque from brain. Instead, it seams that by stopping inflammation and increasing brain building substances such as bdnf, one can help his brain clean up brain plaques.

        So remember, food and memory can go hand in hand. If you want to study for exams or want to avoid Alzheimers, the right mind diet can help you.

        List of brain boosting foods

         This is our list of foods that boost brain power. You might call them mind booster foods because it's not just food that makes you smarter, or food for brain power, but it's food for mental wellness that bring out your best in all aspects.

        Our brain food list starts with brain power increase food. Here you have all the dark green vegetables and berries that bring constant and stable energy to your neurons. Dark green salads, cooked broccoli and blueberries should be on your plate most days.

        Best food for concentration should be key behind your food choices. Foods for focus increase neurotransmitters such as dopamine. Turkey, chicken breasts and lean beef would ideally be part of your daily meals.

        Brain improvement food includes brain sharp food that increases the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and the neuron speed increasing myelin. You find these in egg yolks and in lecithin.

        Top 10 brain foods

        1. Spirulina
        2. Lecithin
        3. Turkey breasts
        4. Fish oil
        5. Curcuma
        6. Kefir
        7. Blueberries
        8. Raw dark green leafy vegetables
        9. Other lean meats
        10. Other dark vegetables and berries
        11. Don't forget to add to this list the missing kinds of fats that your brain craves. We give you all the secrets to a powerful brain in our Brain Nutrition Formula Online Course worth 4 CEC credits of continuing education.

        Best food for brain development

        Fish oil brain development foods

        Brainfoods that maximize brain development for children start with our basic brain food diet.

        Best food for brain growth will include those that stimulate brain derived neurotrophic factors BDNF. 

        BDNF foods include those that increase blood flow to the brain, help in the production of serotonin, of dopamine and noradrenalin.

        A rapidly growing brain needs lots of healthy fats such as fish oil and butter. 

        Best fish oil for brain function contains the regular EPA and DHA ratio you find in wild salmon and other wild fish.

        Fish oil benefits for brain growth are numerous as they have been shown to help with optimal brain development. 

        Brain food vitamins and minerals are vital for a developing brain. Top information on foods for brain development is covered in the Brain Nutrition Formula.

        Brain development food also contains all vitamins and minerals, protein and healthy carbs recommended in the Neuroforce Brain Nutrition Formula.

        What are the best foods for neurological problems?

        Each neurological problem is different, but brain nutritional needs are mostly the same for everyone.

        Start by giving your brain the foods it needs for brain building. Then avoid all foods that harm brain development, memory and learning.

        Finally, add the superfoods and brain supplements that supercharge your brain. These micronutrients help your brain work, clean up, repair and grow.

        Best foods for brain injury recovery

        Anti inflammatory diet for brain injury

        When eating for brain healing, first do no harm. Be careful about foods and toxins that destroy your brain such as alcohol, marijuana et cigarettes. 

        Foods to avoid with a concussion will harm your sleep such as caffeine 10 hours before bed, inflammation foods such as those rich in sugar or omega-6 fats and blood flow lowering foods high in saturated fats. 

        Concussion diet: Best food for brain recovery

        Foods that help the brain heal contain all the building blocks for neuronal repair. A Traumatic Brain Injury diet or TBI diet speeds up brain building, whether through neuronal repair, brain circuit repair or brain vascular repair. 

        Best brain healing foods are rich in antioxidants, contain the many types of fats that compose your brain's neurons, have all the required vitamins and minerals that make the brain work, along with all 20 amino acids you find in lean meats, eggs and fish.

        Our brain experts take you through the ideal brain diet in our online course Brain Nutrition Formula worth 4 CEC credits of continuing education.

          Best foods for brain fog

          Foods that help with brain fog help reduce brain inflammation. This is often caused by foods that contain lectins.

          Brain fog foods to avoid contain starches and dairy products. If you are looking to eat a brain fog diet, stick with the best brain foods recommended for brain health.

          Food for brain fog will cut out all breads, pastries, milk, yogurt, peanuts and many foods that trigger inflammation. 

              Brain food breakfast

              Yes having brain for breakfast could be healthy for your brain, in you eat a healthy brain! But stick with the Brain Nutrition Formula an you'll enjoy a brain food breakfast.  

              Brain superfoods

              Mind diet Mindright brain food

              Brain snacks

              Brain candy supplement






              A brain food drink you might enjoy is our brain power smoothie presented before in this page. This brain fuel drink will keep you energized and focused for hours.

              Top 5 nuts for the brain

              Walnuts brain food for seniors






              Almonds for brain health is a huge yes. Almond benefits for brain are hard to beat. They come with all 8 types of vitamin E at that is hard to find. We recommend each day a couple of almonds for memory protection.

              Walnut benefits for brain health is significant. They contain shorter chains of omega-3 fats that help stave off brain inflammation. Walnuts and brain health go hand in hand.

              Walnut oil benefits for brain health stay as long as you don't overheat them.

              If nut benefits for brain power are real, the best nuts for brain health we recommend are almonds for brain protection along with walnuts good for brain building and inflammation fighting. 

              Many people ask about the benefits of cashews nuts for brain health, and although their taste will definitely make you smile, this is probably for now the reason why you should have a few!

                Brain food supplements

                We highly recommend you start with a strong diet and then only should you add powerful brain supplements. They increase brain energy, brain protection, brain work, brain structure and brain repair.

                Stay tuned as we will shortly launch an online course to share our own brain formula our brain neuroplasticity experts have been developing over the last 20 years.

                Brain Q & A

                If I stop drinking milk, will I lack the benefits of milk to the brain? If you replace milk with lean animal protein, you'll have more benefits with less brain problems!

                If I stop eating peanut butter, will I lack the peanut benefits for brain health? You can start right away with a switch from peanut butter to almond butter. This will eliminate much of the lectins that cause brain fog and add to your diet the 8 natural kinds of vitamin E that protect your brain from aging.

                Butter good for mind? Yes! But don't exceed 2-3 tablespoons a day

                Best juice for brain memory? Have a brain smoothie as described higher in this page. It's well worth it!