The Neuroforce Story And Becoming Neurofo

The Neuroforce - Now Neurofo - Story By Its Founder

Francine Therrien Ph.D. Neuroforce President and Chief of Neuroscience

 Francine Therrien, Ph.D., President and Chief of Neuroscience 

At 22, nothing in this life was more important than the love and bliss I felt while praying. My life goal was to help others feel it too but outside the constraints of religion and beliefs.

At 30, as a corporate mind-body health entrepreneur, passionate about understanding the science to maximize our biological capabilities. What fueled me was giving cutting-edge advice about what to eat, how to train, sleep and better manage stress.

The effect of our thoughts and emotions on the body and well-being was a hot new field of science. Psychoneuroendocrinology is a science that seeks to understand how and why the body and the mind act as one extensive system of interactions.

An example is the triumvirate of the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems. Any change in one affects the others. And thoughts and emotions influence them all.

To help people take control of their stress levels, I measured their nervous systems in real-time. I used neurotechnologies such as heart rate variability (HRV), finger temperature, muscle tension, respiratory rate, finger wetness, and brain electrical activity using an electroencephalogram (EEG).

At 32, I finally found something that fueled my passion enough to enroll for a Ph.D. I wanted to understand how we can build a better brain to achieve more with less effort. So, I funneled everything I knew about health to retain what impacts the brain. Much more specific than overall health and well-being, maximizing brain health and efficiency would become my life mission.

At 45, I was co-owner and co-founder of the head of a new well-funded technology company with a humanitarian goal. Our mission was to create a heart-brain training station based on state-of-the-art neuroscience knowledge of meditation states.

To achieve this, the neurology of individuals was monitored in real-time using the most advanced technologies. A virtual coach system guided the experience using words, sounds, images, and vibrations. I had a budget of 1.7 million dollars and engaged the services of some of the most renowned experts in the field of neuroscience.

The audiovisual environment of the training station, the neurological sensors that measure the person’s heart-brain in real-time, and the precious advice of the virtual coach would guide people towards more profound and deeper states of meditation. In addition, each meditation session was framed around a very specific objective: a life situation to improve, a goal to achieve.

The training session was programmed so that each of the 12 neurological stages of meditation could move the person forward in manifesting their intention. Depending on the stage of the guided meditation, people could have ideas, emotions, visions, and intuitions to help them manifest their intention.

At 46, I could not be happier. Partnering with my best friend K, I was living my life dream to build a business that would help people everywhere live happier and more fulfilled lives. 

The seriousness of our project was endorsed by MEDTEQ, a renowned university department in neurosciences, and the Quebec government. But more important than anything, I was building hand in hand with the man I loved. We were united. He, me, and the excellent Neuroforce Health and Wellness project.

At 49, I lost what had become the 2 most precious things to me. Funding had stopped abruptly, Neuroforce Health and Wellness stopped its activities, and the man I loved got scared and left. I was scattered. I lost my hope, and even my desire to live. It was a scary place.

What happened next is what drives me until now. I looked for the one thing that could be missing from my expertise on the brain and human happiness. I went back to the beginning of my career; I lit a candle and I prayed. I saw the desires buried in my heart and decided that even though I was scared they wouldn’t realize, I would believe and hang on.

Each morning, I would sit, feel my heart, listen to what it holds for my life, and write a few notes about it. Then the most amazing thing happened: it’s as if by feeling this perfect life I had inside of me, my joy and excitement were building by the moment. 3 days later, I felt so excited for life I could barely contain my energy.

So, just as I had decided in 1990 that I would do cardiovascular training every day and kept my promise, I committed to doing my meditation routine every morning.

I created a Neuroforce daily journal. It eventually turned into my own guide and workbook, tailor-made to increase meditation's effects and make my wishes manifest based on the latest scientific discoveries. Today, I am deeply grateful I can share these insights with our Community through our training activities and Neuroforce Retreats.  

I am also extremely grateful that at age 53, the brain and heart training station I built for Neuroforce Health and Wellness was returned to me quite unexpectedly, along with its trademark. 

I was not aware that a MAJOR SHIFT for Neuroforce was coming my way.

It had been 40 years since I had first identified the 2 basic ingredients of my personal neuroperformance. At 14 years old, it had become clear that all my mental and physical higher states of performance were possible with: ''Déborder d'énergie et de bonne humeur." or ''Bursting with energy and good humor.''

At 54 years old, I finally understood that it meant, in more scientific terms, an increased state of VOLTAGE and RESONANCE.

In my clinic, I had seen and measured hundreds of EEGs, and I had seen that low brain voltage was associated with many symptoms of lower cognitive function. 

In the scientific literature, brain resonance was getting better understood as the basis of higher mental functioning: neurons vibrating at the same frequency, enabling, for example, information exchanges between brain regions.

More than that, some specific resonance frequencies were identified as the same as the Earth's magnetic field. So the ''why does the nervous system vibrate at these specific frequencies such as delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma'' was starting to make sense. 

In a higher performance state, the body and brain can enter resonance with greater dimensions, such as the earth's field. Most probably exchanging energy and information in these states, which seems to correlate with moments of expanded awareness and intuition, where the brain enters resonance in the alpha or gamma wavelengths.

Because this is at the core of my personal life pursuit, and because new technologies have become available to increase brain-body voltage and resonance, I decided in 2023 to completely re-upgrade the Neuroforce Station. And to change the name from Neuroforce to Neurofo, because '' FO '' means light. And our goal is to increase each brain's light, brilliance and power. 

All its technologies will aim to increase brain-body voltage and resonance at specific frequencies, depending on the goal. Frequencies such as low alpha will be deeper states of meditation, gamma for Alzheimer's, TBI, and brain rejuvenation, to name but a few.

The Station was upgraded with earthing technologies (electron donors), specific energizing wavelengths (proton donors), structured water technologies for greater brain-body coherence and energy, and the frequency entrainment technologies were upgraded to increase resonance in new specific frequency ranges.

So finally, here it is for you! This is your new and upgraded Neuroforce Station and Neuroforce education tools. Cutting-edge neuroscience-based energy and resonance technologies, training, transformative experiences, and tools to help you be at your best and achieve more with less effort and stress! 

Neuroforce is probably the most scientific, powerful, yet simple and inexpensive tool to connect to your true wishes and bring them to life while building a brain and body full of uplifting power and vitality.

It’s a joy to welcome you to the Neuroforce Community, where we uncover our heart’s wishes and give them wings to fly.

Give it your all and share the bliss.


Francine Therrien, Ph.D.

President & Chief of Neuroscience