We are thrilled to announce a 411$ rebate on a limited number of passes for the launching of Neuroforce20, the live event in Montreal, on April 24th 2024, from 1 pm until 4 pm.

Join our chief of neuroscience for an afternoon of live training. After this short in-person introduction, attendees will be given free access to 9 hours of online training videos. All this is admissible to 9 CEC - 9 credits of continuing education.

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BE YOUR BEST AND ACHIEVE MORE! Neuroperformance is a state of well-being and of superior mental functioning.

Feel good, at ease, focused, present, fluid, and efficient.
Let your success flow easily!

Join our neuroperformance experts and private community with our online trainings, live events, and retreats. And live a full hour of immersion inside the Neuroforce Station.

Neurofo is the reference in neuroperformance.

The goal is to improve brain abilities such as attention, concentration, learning, IQ, calmness, serenity, mood, sleep, well-being, intuition and insight for better decision-making as well as to create and innovate.

Neuroforce is Lead by TOP Brain Experts

Our mission is to help you realize your dreams by using the full power of your brain. Our neuroscientists bring together cutting-edge knowledge, tools and technologies to make all brains shine brighter.

Neuroforce20 in French (the English version of Neuroforce20 is expected in June 2024.) This online training will make you smarter and more efficient. Learn the 20 top brain routines from our brain experts and receive the support of the Neuroforce Community through the private chat, available seven days a week.

Learn from our top brain experts how to maximize mental power through small daily habits.

Uncover the potential of your mental abilities with like-minded group members with this online one-month life-changing experience.

Worth 4 CEC - continuing education credits.

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Full-Day Workshop. Neuroforce20: Efficiency in Wellbeing

Learn our expert's TOP 20 routines to stimulate the mind and transform the brain.

Work, learn, and live with much more mental efficiency.

Prevent anxiety and depression while slowing down brain aging.

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Come Aboard The Neuroforce Station

The Neuroforce Station increases your energy and mental abilities.

Each experience helps you:

  • Release stress
  • Power up your brain for better focus and memory
  • Regenerate your brain health
  • Increase your intuition and problem-solving abilities
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Workshop: The Neuroscience of Breakthrough with The Neuroforce Innovation Formula: Use Your Whole Brain in a 12-Step Process.

Success lies in a person's ability to pay attention, reflect, learn, be creative, make good decisions, and lead change.

The complex brain must, at each step, activate specific brain networks, calm others, vibrate at specific brain frequencies, and use defined types of neurotransmitters.

Learn and master the 12 brain states of The Neuroforce Innovation Formula that lead to personal and organizational breakthroughs and success.

This workshop is worth three CEC -continuing education credits.

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Moments of inner knowing and synchronicities help achieve greatness by leaps and bounds.

Neuroscience and physics combine to explain how to create these exciting states of being.

Neuroforce will provide you with a step-by-step guide to achieve a more productive and elevated state of being and achievement.

Learn how Neuroforce can guide you

Neuroperformance Workshop: Learn the Science of Brain Performance and the Practices to be Your Best and Achieve More.

You will come out of this workshop with powerful brain habits to integrate into your daily work and leisure to feel energized, calm, in control, and unstoppable. These include:

  • Lights and sounds of different wavelengths
  • Structured water
  • Specific exercise routines
  • Meals, superfoods, and supplements
  • Meditation tools
  • Sleep enhancement tools
  • Breathing techniques
  • And more

This workshop is worth three CEC -continuing education credits.

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