Neurofo Retreat: Ignite Your Brain Power in 5 Days

Retreat Objectives and Experiences

1. Ignite Brain Power

Experience a lifestyle that ignites brain power with Neurofo Neuroperformance, Meditation, Nutrition, Fitness, and Sleep Formulas.

2. Overcome Obstacles

Experience the steps to overcome obstacles using intuition and intention to succeed.

3. Connect with Consciousness

Master the Neurofo Meditation tools to visualize and create your life dreams. Learn how to use your neurology to access consciousness and experience bliss & success.

4. Experience Breakthroughs

Explore magical places, unlock your body-mind connection, and have breakthrough experiences that can change your life.

What You Will Learn and Do Each Day

    Learn what to do first to unleash your brain power and experience success.

    Experience a powerful guided meditation of The 12-step Neurofo Meditation Formula.

    Experience a premium presentation of neuroscience with enormous implications for your success.

    Relax deeply while being guided to connect with yourself and with the greater consciousness.

    Discuss your specific needs with top experts in brain health and performance.

    Take advantage of leisure time in heavenly places to experiment with Neuroforce tools.

    Explore magical places and learn by doing, developing connections with people who support your goal of success.

    Build memories for a lifetime.

Neuroforce Retreat Schedule

Daily Schedule

Time Activity
7:00 Pre-workout brain nutrition
7:15 Grow your brain with the Neuroforce Training Formula
8:30 Breakfast for your brain
9:30 Guided meditation to connect with consciousness and manifest your intentions
10:00 Group learning (How to)
11:00 Coaching experiences with the Neuroforce Tools
12:00 Recharge your brain energy with the perfect lunch
13:00 Excursions & learning experiences & leisure time
19:00 Cocktail, dinner & learning presentation
20:30 Free time & animation

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