Our Mission

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Neuroforce's mission is to help people improve their brain's and biology's health and efficiency.

Neuroforce is a player and a scientific reference in overall health, psychological health, and intellectual and sports performance.

Neuroforce applies the principles of brain and body health and efficiency to address performance and productivity issues, presenteeism, absenteeism, physical and mental health, search for meaning, and aging.

Neuroforce aims to be a guide and assistant to enable each person to create within themselves a neurological force that allows them to see clearly, center themselves, be fully aware, work efficiently, and experience the best of themselves.

Neuroforce is a community of people who move forward with a purpose that each person realizes their potential and the deep aspirations of their being. That everyone can feel connected to himself, others, and something greater, free to exchange, give, and receive.

Neuroforce bases its tools on cutting-edge knowledge in neuroscience and several scientific fields. No belief, religion, or philosophy is suggested or endorsed. The knowledge, technologies, and habits suggested are scientifically based and constantly evolving.

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