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How to get into the perfect brain state where miracles happen

the power of intention to make miracles come true

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What meditation does and how meditation helps

Some 50 years ago, science discovered a fourth state of consciousness. Beyond waking, sleeping and dreaming, humans can experience a state of total bliss that is neurologically known as coherence. When the heart and the brain vibrate in synchrony, all humans experience a state of profound peace where true inspiration emerges and manifestation follows.

  • science discovers how to heal

Meditation and the law of attraction

The Law of attraction book has become a bestseller for a reason: one survey estimates that more than 35% of people say they have witnessed at least one miracle and this number goes up to 59% in highly religious people.

What is manifestation?

When we manifest, we bring our dreams to life. Sometimes it's called luck, others call it a miracle.

Science has been looking deeply into the claims people make. If manifestation is a real phenomena, people would be able to hold a specific intention in mind and make it real.

Can we meditate to manifest? 

It does seem that manifestation is possible, as new experiments prove this possibility and new laws of physics come to explain parts of the phenomena. 

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How to meditate to manifest?

To manifest, one would have to be able to hold a specific intention while coming into a coherent physiology. This can be measured by heart and brain synchrony using electrocardiogram EKG and electroencephalography EEG.

This coherent neurophysiology is possible when the intention makes the person feel whole, happy, at peace and excited.  

Miracle healings

Today, our most advanced laws of physics are starting to make sense of what researchers have come to measure: healing that coincides with prayer or focused meditation, in person or at a distance, is a real phenomena. 

Can we manifest money?

Manifestation techniques to become wealthy work by applying the same techniques. Often times, an emphasis on opening up to the possibility that money will come from unexpected sources is key. 

Is manifesting love really possible? 

Manifesting the perfect relationship comes right after money for most people. Letting go of the fear that we're not enough seems to be an important step for men and woman to manifest the love of their lives.

We often hear how meditation changed my life or how meditation helped me

People from all likes of life describe this state like the most comfortable and peaceful place on earth. Akin to a state of bliss, it is considered better than sex or any other pleasure on earth. 

Research shows that being in this state changes the brain in a profound and lasting way. People gradually become more intelligent as their IQ scores go up. They feel greater calmness and this is reflected by lowered stress hormones and blood pressure.

People who practice this state of coherence let go of stress much more quickly. Their DNA's telomeres elongate which is a sign of anti-aging and rejuvenation.

a course in miracles

Join our online course Neuroforce Formula: Meditate to Manifest Success, a Neuroscience 12 Step Program or be coached live with our chief of neuroscience at our Neuroscience Meditation Retreat.

Why meditation is important? Why meditation is good for you?

Many doctoral thesis have shown that this is the state where miracle healings happen. Documented with reliable medical data, science confirms today that this is a reality can cannot be attributed to chance or serendipity.

Brain research shows that in this state of coherence, inspiration comes instantly, with a sense of knowing that this idea the one sought after, and a feeling of relief and excitement. Scientists, musicians, entrepreneurs report finding their most creative ideas when entering this state of high energy heart-brain coherence. 

How meditation works: Neuroscience investigates why meditation works and why meditation is so powerful

meditation vs alcohol

Neuroscience has developed a profound understanding of this state heart-brain coherence. The electroencephalogram EEG that measures brain activity shows a stopping of the monkey mind with a surge of coherence in between the two brain hemispheres in the low alpha range from 8 to 10 Hertz.

The heart beat also attains its most coherent state when the electrocardiogram reaches maximum heart rate variability HRV from highest to lowest while at the same time expressing a most steady sinusoidal pattern. 

What is meditation?

If you ask yourself what meditation means, the short answer is that meditation is a set of techniques that train attention and awareness.

 how prayer works

Dozens of techniques exist. When the brain on meditation is analyzed, these different techniques use and develop the brain in different and sometimes opposite ways. 

As exercise uses and develops the body differently whether you are running, stretching or liftings weights, focused meditations, mindfulness meditation, yoga or transcendental meditation have specific techniques and outcomes.

What meditation really is and what meditation is not

how yoga changes the brain for neuroplasticity dr phd

Meditation is a set of practices and techniques that train attention and awareness in order to reach specific goals such as clarity of mind and inner calmness. 

Meditation is not a religion or a philosophy. As people train in meditation, they are to experience its effects for themselves outside of any belief or philosophy.

Meditation who am I? 

Wonder where meditation comes from or where meditation originated? The last word of the debate is "timeless". The state of meditation is a natural state of mind called the fourth state of consciousness.

Meditation is a distinct and measurable brain state, just like the 3 other states of mind that are being awake, sleeping and dreaming.

Meditation who invented?

Archeology finds evidences of meditation practices in the great civilizations of the world: China, Egypt, Babylon and India. Meditation is a practice that is many thousands of years old. But the prescription of meditative techniques might be as old as humanity.

How meditation changes the brain?

meditation and neuroplasticity

What meditation does to the brain depends on what type of meditation is used. To meditate is not one thing, just like exercising comes in many forms. 

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Which meditation is best for the brain?

The best meditation is the one a person can master. No brain change occurs unless the meditation state is intense enough, long enough and repeated enough times. 

Focusing the mind is the first step to brain change. Attention can be held onto many different things, most common being the breath, the heart, a scenery, a picture or a flame.

Going inside ourselves is the second step. Many mindfulness practices help with turning your attention from the outside world to the one within. 

Becoming one with consciousness and experiencing bliss is a third step. The most researched meditation technique in this area is transcendental meditation or TM. 

As you learn to meditate, you can reach deeper states of silence, insight, inspiration, vision, intuition and wellbeing. The deeper you go, the greater the benefits.

    Will meditation help me?

    Most people come to meditation to find inner peace and their way into a fulfilling life. If you are searching for these, research agrees that it will help you.

    Scientific studies also show it helps with health, wealth, relationships and even IQ.

    Why meditation help with stress, ADHD, sleep, performance, EQ, IQ and more?

    will meditation help me at school

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    One could do an entire Ph.D. on each one of these questions. The good news is that hundreds of scientific studies have already shown positive outcomes of meditation in all of these fields.

    Today's neuroscience can look into the brain as a person dives into meditation. FMRI and EEG can measure brain changes during the meditation and compare brains before and after a couple of weeks of training.

    On a chemical level, meditation makes the brain produce many neurotransmitters that are used for every brain task from attention to sleep. 

    At the electrical level, meditation harmonizes the different brain frequencies called delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma.

    Meditation increases the clarity of brain signals as they travel from one brain area to the next. It enhances the signal to noise ratio by increasing electrical power and coherence. 

    Who meditation benefits?

    As with any health habit, the farther a person is from it, the faster she feels the benefits once she starts.

    People often start meditating because they feel sad, mad, anxious, depressed, unfocused or sick. 

    But people stick to meditation because it changes them into a better version of themselves, wherever they're at.

    Children and seniors show great benefits from meditation as it increases brain efficiency and speeds up brain development and rejuvenation.

    Adults often come to meditation because of its stress relieving effects. Since meditation increases clarity of mind, it helps them to make better decisions for themselves and the people they are responsible for.  

    Will meditation help with stress? 

    meditation for erectile dysfunction meditation vs erection pills

    Join our online course Neuroforce Formula: Meditate to Manifest Success, a Neuroscience 12 Step Program or be coached live with our chief of neuroscience at our Neuroscience Meditation Retreat.

    Stress relief from meditation is the most researched of all of meditation's effects. It's a no brainer: the answer is YES!

    Why meditation helps with stress?

    While you meditate, your whole body and brain neurochemistry turn 180 degrees from your habitual stress state: 

    • Stress hormones go down
    • Stress busting hormones rise
    • Self confidence hormones go up
    • Self soothing hormones go way up

    Meditation fights the effects of stress on the brain and body

    High stress levels slows down brain development and brain repair. Too much stress decreases memory and learning and accelerates brain aging.

    When you meditate, brain neurotrophic factors are produced in great amounts and this reverses the damaging effects of stress on the brain and body.

    Will meditation help with anxiety?

    Meditation prescription for anxiety has come a long way. Clinical studies on meditation's efficacy to help with anxiety, distress and post traumatic stress disorders PTSD have been ongoing for decades.

    The question is not whether it's efficacious or not, because it is. The question has become how to maximize its effects by tailoring the right meditation program for the person's specific needs and capabilities.

    How meditation helps anxiety?

    People often ask "How can meditation help stress and anxiety?''. It's a long answer but a very interesting one.

    The short answer is that anxiety if often produced by our uncontrollable thoughts. In contrast, deep states of meditation will silence your thoughts.

    In this inner silence, the person can find peace, her true essence, joy and  contentment.

    Meditation vs anxiety drugs 

    Statistics done over clinical research investigating the effects of meditation on anxiety and mood have revealed a strong effect size.

    This means that overall, meditation vs anxiety pills could both be considered efficacious. So you might consider having this discussion with your doctor or health practitioner.

    Will meditation help me focus?

    When we ask neuroscientists: "Can meditation help ADHD?", they quickly answer: "Yes, and the use of brain imaging helps demonstrate changes in the brain. We understand better how meditation helps ADHD."

    Will meditation improve memory?

    Practicing meditation can improve different kinds of memory. Short term and working memory rely on great attentional skills and this is improved by meditation.

    Long term memory is heightened with optimal stress levels and with good sleep. Stress control and sleep quality are improved through meditation.

    Meditation helps with healthy brain aging, particularly in regions of the brain involved in short term memory and in long term memory.

    Can meditation improve IQ?

    can meditation help my child at school

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    Some studies have measured intelligence scores and how they intelligence is improved through the practice of meditation. Different kinds of intelligence have shown to be increased.

    Will meditation help me sleep?

    meditation or sleeping pills

    How meditation helps sleep and how meditation improves sleep quality can both be attributed to the development of a greater ability for self control, self soothing and to be able to induce in ourselves a relaxed state.  

    People often ask: "Can meditation replace sleep?" and there is some evidence to show that people who can reach deep states of meditation during the day  can reduce their sleep needs at night.

    By if someone were to ask about meditation vs sleep, we'd have to recommend to sleep as much as needed and then to meditate.

    Meditation vs antidepressants

    Can meditation help depression

    Published studies have  measured the effects of meditation on mood. Meditation helps depression scores go down.

    How meditation helps lower blood pressure

    how to lower blood pressure

    Join our online course Neuroforce Formula: Meditate to Manifest Success, a Neuroscience 12 Step Program or be coached live with our chief of neuroscience at our Neuroscience Meditation Retreat.

    People ask: "Can meditation lower blood pressure?" Scientific studies  investigated the question: "Will meditation lower blood pressure?" and the answer is yes, by an average of 4.2 mm Hg for systolic blood pressure and of 2 mm Hg for diastolic blood pressure.  

    Meditation vs exercise 

     Meditation and exercise bring different but complimentary benefits. We highly recommend you do both.

      What meditation should I do? What type of meditation should I choose? 

      yoga vs meditation which one

      People often ask: "Which meditation is best for me?". The short answer is to do the type of meditation that you feel brings you a sense of peace and inner calm.

      But the long answer is much more complicated. Life has many types of challenges like controlling emotions and focusing attention. Most types of meditation practiced help to develop these mental abilities. Mindfulness meditation is probably the most popular of all at the moment. 

      After soothing and focusing, the next goal of meditation is to come into intimate contact with the pure source of consciousness. It is in this state that the greatest benefits of meditation are experienced. It's the state that allows one to move mountains and manifest desires.

      This more evolved ability of the mind comes with inner silence. Transcendental meditation TM is focused around this goal. 

      Contemplation is another form of meditation that aims to feel this source of creation.

      Are meditation and mindfulness the same thing?

      Mindfulness is a type of meditation. Its goal is to focus the attention while you become aware of your inner life in a non reactive and non judging way. 

      Meditation vs mindfulness could be answered by choosing a meditation practice that includes mindfulness as part of it.

      Transcendental meditation

      Transcending is another type of meditation, some would say it's the ultimate goal of the meditator. Its practice is aimed for you to access consciousness, to feel totally united within yourself and with the whole universe.

      This is the state called enlightenment. It is described at being the most exquisite state of all, even better than sex.

      Are meditation and yoga the same?

      yoga meditation exercises

      In its origin, yoga was practiced to elevate the mind. Over time, various forms of yoga have been developed.

      Many yoga practices these days focus on toning the body and stretching, with an emphasis on breathing.

      Hence is someone would ask about meditation vs yoga, we'd have to recommend meditation if the goal is to cultivate the mind.

      Meditation vs contemplation

      contemplative practices and neuroplasticity

      Contemplation is a form of meditation.

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      Meditation vs prayer

      Both meditation and prayer can put someone in a coherent state where the heart and brain come into synchrony.

      The state one reaches through meditation or prayer depend mostly on the type of meditation one chooses to practice and the brain states this practice creates.

      Are meditation and hypnosis the same?

      Self meditation is a brain state where the brain's dominant frequency is in the theta range. This has some resemblance with types of meditation where attention is focused within, like mindfulness meditation.

      If you would ask about meditation vs hypnosis, we'd say it all depends on your special needs, the kind of meditation and the form of hypnosis. Both can be complimentary and synergistic.

      Which meditation is best for students?

      Transcendental meditation TM is the most researched of all meditation styles and it has shown numerous benefits for students in multiple studies. 

      TM has been shown to increase learning, attention and intelligence scores to name but a few.

      Meditation where to start?

      Meditation for beginners starts with sitting calmly and focusing the attention on the breath. Slow inhales and deep exhales through the nose.

      When meditation should be done is especially important when you first start. Morning after waking is usually the easiest time to keep the mind form thinking too much.

      When you do meditation, where to focus in the beginning can be helped by placing an object or candle in front of you.

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        Meditation music

        spa music youtube

        The best meditation music brings you into a perfect brain state by allowing your brain frequencies to attune to the soundtrack. 

        Wether you're looking for relaxing sleep music, spa music or meditation music, a search for ''meditation music Youtube'', ''relaxing music Youtube" or "Youtube calming music", "relaxing spa music" or "spa music Youtube" can become overwhelming.

        Our team of neuroscientists have developed a specific meditation soundtrack that entrains your brain to produce its own calming frequencies.

        This meditation soundtrack is available when you join one of our meditation retreats or our online meditation training.

        Guided meditation

        The Neuroforce team of neuroscientists created the perfect guided meditation based on brain and heart activity.

        You can learn to master your brain waves and heart coherence to access the most profound level of inner peace. 

        You can learn the Neuroforce 20 minute guided meditation by joining one of our meditation and manifestation retreats or our online meditation training.

        These are other guided meditations you might want to try: 

        What you will learn in the Neuroforce retreats and online courses 

        Our team of scientists are devoted to help you live your most successful life of abundance. We are dedicated to help you bring your bliss to reality.

        To help you rapidly achieve your dreams, we are creating the go-to knowledge, the tools and the techniques you can do each day.

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