One-Month Online Brain & Fitness Bootcamp

Welcome to your Neurofo One-Month Brain & Fitness Bootcamp!

Starting July 1st 2023. Your self upgrade to the more intelligent, energetic, self confident and unstoppable you! 

During these 4 weeks, you will be part of a group of courageous people like you that are willing to upgrade their body & brain. This innovative fitness program was built to power the brain as much as the body through a careful selection of transformative exercises. Learn the cutting-edge knowledge & tricks from today's top neuroscientists.

« My Ph.D. project and my 10 years of research at the Faculty of Medicine was to understand the effects of exercise on the brain. Targets of the program were increases in mental performance, wellbeing and treatment of mood and cognitive disorders.  

I created a first training program aiming to increase the academic performance of med school students. I then conducted a clinical trial to treat major depression as a stand alone treatment, without the use of medication or psychotherapy.

All research subjects became non depressed after 8 weeks on the program and none had relapsed 3 years post-program.

The research behind the creation of this fitness program was substantive and worked towards increasing the brain's blood flow, energy, neurotransmitters & neuroplasticity. »

Francine Therrien, Ph.D., Neuroforce President & Chief Neuroscientist

Neuroforce Fitness Formula For the Brain and Body Phd Dr

Shape and power your brain & body.

During the whole month, these activities will guide you step by step. Note that all online presentations are recorded and made available if you couldn't make it:

TUESDAY: 60 minutes: Presentation with Q&A  Gain a deep understanding of cutting-edge science on how to use physical fitness exercises to power the brain & body simultaneously. Understand what works, why it works and how to put it into practice. 

TUESDAY: 5-10 min: The trick of the week: Let your Neuroforce Coach share some of the most powerful fitness habits to shape your brain & body.

TUESDAY & THURSDAY: 20 min: Get into the gym with your coach and  do the exercises that really work.

ANYTIME: Post and share your goals, challenges & breakthroughs with Your Online Neuroforce Group

AT THE END OF THE MONTH: Do the online test and receive your certificate & 4 continuing education credits CEC.

A new 1-Month Online Fitness Bootcamp starts each first Moday of each month.

Enroll and get started on your amazing journey!

AFTER YOUR FIRST MONTH: Continue to develop with new presentations each month on one of the 29 topics of The Neuroforce Fitness Formula. And continue to access all activities and contents as long as you keep your monthly membership active. 

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