One-Month Online Brain Meditation Bootcamp

Welcome to your Neurofo One-Month Meditation Bootcamp!

This is the start of something important. It will expand your life from the inside out.

During these 4 weeks, you will team up with extraordinary people like you that want to upgrade themselves and experience the next level. Guided by your Neuroforce Coach, you will learn, experience, practice and evolve. And the Neuroforce tools will be yours for life!

These are the activities you are welcomed to join each week. Note that all online activities are recorded and made available to you if you couldn't make it:

TUESDAY: 60 minutes: Presentation with Q&A. Gain cutting-edge knowledge on how meditation changes the brain-body-mind and the specifics of an optimal practice

TUESDAY: 5-10 min: Guided preparatory exercise. Use each meditation to move forward in the accomplishment of a life goal & find the answers you are looking for to make the right decisions with The Neuroforce Meditation Formula Preparatory Exercise

TUESDAY & THURSDAY: 20 min: The Neuroforce Meditation Formula Guided Live Meditation. Let our experts guide you through the 12 brain states of The Neuroforce Meditation Formula 

ANYTIME: Serve yourself to an array of online musics and meditations available sommer of 2023

ANYTIME: Post and share your goals, challenges & breakthroughs with Your Online Neuroforce Group

AT THE END OF THE MONTH: Do the online test and receive your certificate & 4 continuing education credits CEC.

A new 1-Month Online Meditation Bootcamp starts every month on the first Monday.

Enroll and get started on your amazing journey!

AFTER YOUR FIRST MONTH: Continue to develop with new presentations each month on one of the 28 topics of The Neuroforce Meditation Fomula. And continue to access all activities and contents as long as you keep your monthly membership active. 

Neuroforce Online Meditation Formula Training CEC