One-Month Online Brain Nutrition Bootcamp

Welcome to your Neuroforce One-Month Brain Nutrition Bootcamp!

Starting July 1st 2023. Be ready for the new you. Wittier, leaner and unstoppable! 

Be part of a group of courageous people like you that are willing to upgrade their brain & life through nutrition. Learn the cutting-edge knowledge & tricks from today's top neuroscientists. 

All activities of the bootcamp are made available to you at once so you can do them over a whole month, or at your own rhythm.

Neuroforce Brain Nutrition online Course brain power exam iq lean lose weight

Upgrade your brain and shine from the inside out! 

During the whole month, these activities will be your guide in the creation of the new you. Note that all activities are prerecorded and available at your convenience.

Four 60-minute presentations. Comprehend brain nutrition from your brain needs perspective. Gain cutting-edge knowledge on what works, why it works and how to put it into practice. 

Tips and tricks to make it work. Learn some of the most powerful nutritional habits that have the power to jet fuel your brain. 

Get cooking! Get into the kitchen with us as we create brain savvy foods, snacks and drinks.

Neuroforce Recipes. Serve yourself to an array of online recipes and brain nutrition information on how to eat to build your best brain.

Interact! Post and share your goals, challenges & breakthroughs with Your Online Neuroforce Community

Credits and Certificate. Do the online test and receive your certificate & 4 continuing education credits CEC.

Let your better brain drive you to your next level of fulfillment!

AFTER YOUR FIRST MONTH: Continue to grow with your Neuroforce Community and new learnings of the 28 topics of The Neuroforce Nutrition Fomula. Continue to access all activities and contents as long as you keep your monthly membership active.