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neuroforce station to optimize brain health and repair

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How to describe the Neuroforce Station?

The Neuroforce Station results from an ambitious project by the best neuroscientists in Quebec and elsewhere. Its purpose is to energize, harmonize, and regenerate the brain to improve its health and efficiency. The Neuroforce Station uses safe and healthy neurotechnologies to mimic and concentrate natural elements needed for optimal brain function. With an investment of more than $2M and the support of funding agencies, the Neuroforce team has created a mini-environment in which the brain is energized, harmonized, and regenerated.

What are the 5 neurotechnologies of the Neuroforce Station?

  • Gamma, alpha, theta, and beta frequencies
  • Energizing light frequencies
  • Sounds and vibrations to synchronize brain cells
  • Ions and H3O2 to fight inflammation
  • Heart coherence for serenity and optimal brain function
  • Including a guided mental session

How long does a session last?

One hour, including two separate blocks of 20 minutes each.

How many sessions are recommended?

The Neuroforce Station is created to be used 12 consecutive times within a month. Spacing out sessions every 48 hours helps maintain a high level of neuroplasticity to achieve significant changes, as demonstrated in clinical studies.

What is included in the month of activities on board the Neuroforce Station?

To achieve the mental boost and wellness you're looking for, the month of activities includes 12 one-hour sessions aboard the Neuroforce Station, an online neuroperformance Bootcamp that introduces you to 20 neuroperformance routines, the private Neuroforce Community chat to answer your questions, support and inspire you, and a supply of the Neuroforce Volt energizing water.

What are the effects of a one-month activity that includes 12 sessions in the Neuroforce Station?

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased memory, attention, and concentration for study and work
  • Increased energy and reduced depressive symptoms
  • Accelerates regeneration following a concussion
  • Reduction of beta-amyloid plaques and phosphorylated Tau proteins in dementia and Alzheimer's disease (first positive clinical studies)

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Ignite your health and performance with Neuroforce neurotechnologies

Finally, there is a safe way to improve your energy, mood, and performance. The Neuroforce Station experience gives your brain new energy, better cognitive abilities, and a deep sense of calm and presence that helps you be more creative and intuitive.

During your sessions, you will be guided to deeper levels of mind that will help you clarify your ideas, come up with new ideas, and decide how to move on.

You will experience a brain boost, a brain calm, and a cognitive enhancement with each Neuroforce Station experience.

    Neuroforce Station Neurotech for Brain Boost Recovery

    Each experience in The Neuroforce Station boosts the brain with energy AND improves its functioning. The 60-minute session gives you a 3-in-one program: Boost to increase brain power and capacities, Zen for serenity and better sleep, and Rejuv for brain repair and youthfulness.

    The Neuroforce Station utilizes advanced neurotechnologies to enhance BRAIN ENERGY and optimize brain FREQUENCY AND RESONANCE, improving cognitive, emotional, and physical health and performance.

    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

    ''When neurons vibrate at the same frequency, they enter a state of resonance. This is the key to high levels of brain function.'' The Easy Part of the Hard Problem: A Resonance Theory of Consciousness, Hunt T. and Schooler W., 2019.

    What happens in a Neuroforce Station experience?

    It's essential to grasp that each Neuroforce Station session is geared towards advancing you towards your next step in life, work, or business.  

    To help you identify your next goal, your session begins the day before with a short reflexive exercise that you can find in your Personal Neuroperformance Journal.

    When you arrive at Neuroforce and sit in the Neuroforce Station, you immediately calm down and let your thoughts aside.

    The first 20 minutes are spent bathed in gamma frequencies that sharpen your brain, increase brain blood flow, stimulate neurogenesis (birth of new neurons) and neuroplasticity, clean up the brain, and increase brain calmness.

    During this time, your head is covered with specific wavelengths of light that increase brain energy and rejuvenation. Other wavelengths of light are used to cover your heart, thighs, and arms to charge your body with energy.

    The first part of your session helps you relax, re-energize, and see your objectives, obstacles, and possibilities for success more clearly.

    The subsequent 20 minutes comprise a neurological meditation, wherein frequencies within the Station guide you through a 12-step process, beginning with focused attention on your goal at beta frequencies, progressing through a broader alpha state of mind where solutions are brought into focus, advancing into deep theta to receive guidance from your intuition, and culminating in a coherent brain-heart alpha state where you feel one and united. That is where the transformation occurs, resulting in a breakthrough to the next level.

    While you do this guided meditation, the heart rate variability is monitored, and you are instructed on how to breathe to increase it. Your feet are bathed in an electron bath to help your body and brain get more blood and reduce inflammation for health, rejuvenation, and performance.

    What to expect from a Neuroforce Station experience

    Research has demonstrated that Neuroforce neurotechnologies and neuroperformance strategies can help you achieve:

    • 500% increased productivity
    • 230% greater ability to learn
    • Increased ability to innovate and make the right decisions
    • Capacity to increase focus and concentration
    • Relief from stress and anxiety
    • Improved sleep quality and recovery
    • Reduction of beta-amyloid plaques and phosphorylated Tau proteins (in animal research and the first significant clinical studies)
    • Increased compassion and self-compassion
    • And more

    What is included in the 30-day Neuroperformance Bootcamp?

    When you buy 12 sessions of the Neuroforce Station experience, you not only save $480 on session cost, but you also get a $350 free bonus that can greatly enhance your results:

    1. The Neuroperformance online Bootcamp, that you can access online or on a mobile app. 
    2. The 24/7 Neuroforce Community online chat support
    3. The Neuroperformance Daily Journal
    4. The Neuroforce Volt: A 30-day supply of energized water 
    5. The Neuroforce water bottle
    6. The Neuroforce tote bag

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